Seed Starting Made Easy

Seed Starting Made Easy

Springtime is the time to start your summer vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed. Join me for my popular seed starting workshop and I’ll teach you how to go from seed - to garden!

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Join me online for this special edition of Seed Starting Made Easy. Follow along on your own schedule - and participate in my live Q & A sessions to get all your seed starting questions answered.


This workshop is all about starting seeds, the tools you need to be successful, along with my time-tested tips and techniques that will make you a successful seed starter.

The Seed Starting Story

Since 2010, I've taught hundreds of people to be successful seed starters and I'm excited to help you join their ranks. You'll learn my simple approach to starting seeds - one that anyone can do.  Soon, you'll be enjoying the bounty from your own garden!

There's a lot of information out there about starting seeds, most of it is overly complicated - and unnecessarily so, especially if you live in a mild winter area.

By the end of this course, you'll be planting your entire spring and summer vegetable, herb, and flower garden - and anticipating a delicious harvest.  It's just that easy!


I grow gardens... and gardeners

Nan Sterman
The Waterwise Gardener

Nan is a garden designer, author, TV show host, botanist, and award-winning garden communicator who's passionate about all things that grow. Meet her in the supermarket and she'll talk to you about the produce in your shopping cart -- and then she'll teach you how to grow it yourself!

Success Stories

"The class was so much fun, took all the angst out of starting veggies from seed. Had fresh veggies all summer long and my tomatoes are still going strong!"
- Anna

"Nan Sterman's seed starting class made me feel like a "true" gardener; I had been wholly unsuccessful, under-informed and wildly intimidated to start plants from seeds. Everything about Nan's class is designed to empower you."
- Kathy

"I've never had much success starting plants from seeds. I feel blessed when I get 30% to sprout. It’s frustrating considering you need dirt, water and seeds. I mean how hard can it be? But when I took Nan’s class it opened my eyes to all the things you should do to better the odds. 100% of my seeds sprouted from her class."
- David

"I knew there had to be a better way to start seeds... something more efficient and reliable, but I didn't know how easy it could be until I took Nan's seed starter class. No more tossing seeds and waiting to see what sprouts. I now have a proven system that works and I can plan ahead"
- Annette