About Nan Sterman’s Garden School

Nan Sterman’s Garden School is a gardening membership program and series of on-line courses created by Nan Sterman, WaterWise Gardener, and her associates.

Nan Sterman’s Garden School specializes in plants and gardening for gardeners who live where summers are long and hot and dry.  Rain, when it happens, arrives in fall, winter, and spring.  This climate pattern is shared by all “Mediterranean climate” regions, named for the classic region around the Mediterranean.  Plants and practices in these regions are entirely different from temperate climates with their warm summer rains and year round precipitation.

Dry summer areas are lovely for people,  For plants, the combination of heat and dry are extremely challenging.  Plants are different here.  Gardening is VERY different here.  Even very experienced gardeners who move to Mediterranean climates from wetter regions find themselves back to square one -- the plants they know and the methods they learned simply don’t work here.

Find Out What Works Regionally

What does work in these regions?  That’s the expertise of professional gardener, journalist, botanist, and California native Nan Sterman.  Nan designs gardens, speaks, teaches, and writes about gardening in California’s Mediterranean climate.  Nan also produces and hosts the public TV show, A Growing Passion.

Nan founded the very popular Facebook group San Diego Gardener in 2014.  She’s written three books, thousands of blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles.  She’s produced nearly 50 TV shows, founded a regional garden tour, takes people on international garden tour every year, and does about a million other things, too!

Nan’s big picture goal is to connect plants, people, and the planet.  She has taught thousands of people become successful gardeners, and she can teach you, too!